Litter 19 - born 18.01.2009



Foxy Pollyanna Ayr "Polly"

Shaggy Tollers Dancing O'Connor "Mister"



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July 2008:
Now it's time to plan Pollys next litter. We have had Mister in mind for her for a long time, but the last season was so inconvenient, so we had to wait for the next one. Probably she will be mated before
Information about the parents will be found on their pages, there is also updated pages of Pollys first litter and some photos of Misters first litter, under offspring.
Both parents are DNA tested A, so this will be an A combination concerning PRA.
Both has A hips, Mister also A elbows, Polly is not x-rayd.
More info. when Polly is in heat.
November 2008:
Polly has now been in heat and the 18th and 19th of november she was inseminated. Because Mister is living so far away in the northern part of Norway, we arranged so we could inseminate instead. Now we can only hope for a good result.
17th of December 2008:
Today we went for the ultrasound and there are puppies. The vet saw 5, probably there are more. they will be born about the 20th of January.
18th of january 2009:
Then it was time for Pollys puppies to be born and this time she only got three, two males and one female. Everything went well and in rypical Pollyspeed, all thre were born during 90 minutes. Their weitht was 360, 390 and 420 gr, so they are all quite big.

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NUCH SU(u)CH Shaggy Tollers Dancing O'Connor

NORD UCH Andelokkerens Røde Oskar

KBHV98 UVV 98 EUV99 DKCH KBHV01 NUCH Shaggy Tollers Great Gizmo

Tueholt Red Rhapsody in Blue

Littlerivers Dancing Queen

Littlerivers Delhaven Dancer

Beinnbhreaghs Double Cross

Foxy Pollyanna Ayr

SVCH Duck Tails Lagaz af Sigil

LP1 DKCH VDH HyFlyer's Invincible Max

Flottatjärns Der Kalix

NUCH Lauvstuas Julie Fox

NUCH NV-95-96
Sunlit James Junior

NUCH Anya Acadia Ayr