Litter 14 - Born 12.04.2007



Tinnunculus "Indy"

Foxy Pollyanna Ayr "Polly"



Photos of Indy

We expect Polly to be in heat in january and we plan to mate her then. Polly is an active bitch and there is full speed ahead whatever she is doing. Is has been a lot of work to do with her, but now she is calmer and can consentrate both on retrieving and tracking. Polly is the most charming bitch, she loves both kids and adults and are ready to play with anyone.
She is trained on retrieving, obidience and game tracking. She has a 2nd prize from a dummytest , so far she has'nt started on trackings.
Polly has res. CC and CC from Norway and Sweden. She has A hips, eyechecked without any remarks, both her parents are dna tested to A.
We have now desided to use Tinnunculus "Indy" from Denmark for Pollys first litter. Indy has a great homepage with a lot of information and photos, so instead of writing more about him, we let his owner Nanna tell about this gorgeous male:

So now we have to wait for Polly to be in heat and hope for a successful mating......
January 29th 2007, Polly is in heat, next week there will be bloodtest and we hope for mating at the end of next week. So have us in mind.....
Now the mating has taken place, and without any problems. They mated the 10th, 11th and 12th of February. So now there will be som exciting weeks before we know.....
Now we have the 9th of Mars and time for Pollys ultrasound, and it showed what we were hoping for, puppies. So now it's waitingtime until the 11.-12 of March.

April the 12th Pollys puppies were born, 7 altogether, 5 males and 2 females. The first one came 15.15 and the last one 2 hours and 30 minutes later. There was no problems during the birth and Polly was just great. This is her first litter, but she behave like a bitch with a lof of experience. She is very calm, who could believe this about Polly.
The first born was a male, 275 gr with very little white, he is quite dark as well. No. 2 was also a male, the same weight, but with a lot of white in his chest and a white tailtip. No. 3 was also a male, 280 gr with white socks, but not much else. As no. 4 came the first bitch, she was 250 gr and with white chest and socks, no. 5 was a male 300 gr and with much white in his chest and white tailtip. No 6 was also a male with much white, also white bliss. He has also white tailtip and is the biggest male, 330 gr. And the last one was a bitch with too much white, 250 gr. They are all gaining weight and so far so good.

We got problems with the homepage when the puppies was 3 days old, but now at last there will come updates. The puppies are now 10 weeks old and has all left for their new homes. They has all gone to owners who will work with them, so it will be quite interesting so see how the future will be for this litter. Polly did a very good job, she played with them, but also teached them how to behave. She also took care of Star when his mother Zamantha needed a siesta.....
Now it's quiet in our house and both the bitches and we has been relaxing after the puppies left.

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DKCH VDH PLCH EUW2000 Tueholt Red Ursa Major

KBHV-95, SV-94
Birdcherry's Autumn Clea

Tueholt Red Raisin

Bright Flower's Hisbiscus

Bright Flower's Easy Boy

Bright Flower's Diamond

Foxy Pollyanna Ayr

SVCH Duck Tails Lagaz af Sigil

LP1, DKCK VDH, HyFlyer's Invincible Max

Flottatjarns Der Kalix

Lauvstuas Julie Fox

NUCH NV-95-96
Sunlit James Junior

NUCH Anya Acadia Ayr