Litter 29 - born 26th of November 2013





Tuldahls Tourmaline "Kaisa"

NUCH Veagaardens Toller Kojac av Shama


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November 2013:
Now is getting closer for Kaisa and the 17th of November she willl arrive at Lauvstua. She has been here a lot earlier and know the place and the dogs. Her pups are expected the 25th of November. Xray will be taken the 18th of November, then we know a little more.
October 2013
In July we started to talk about a litter on Kaisa, but we had to do the dna-tests first. We thought we had plenty of time, but I think Kaisa heard us talkng about puppies and suddenly she was in heat....
Without any results we had to look for a PRA A male and at last we found a beautiful guy, NUCH Veagaardens Toller Kojac av Shama. Thanks Anne for letting us use this steady and good looking guy.
At the end of Sebember the mating took place, and now in October she is confirmed pregnant.
And the results has also arrived, PRA A, CEA A, JADD Normal, it could not be better. Both Kaisa and Kojac has A hips, their index are 110,1 and 104,4.
Kaisa was shown towice this autumn, result CQ and 2 x excellent.

More info of Kojac on the homepage to Veagaardens Toller.
26th of November 2013:
During 2,5 hours Kaisa gave birth to 6 wonderful puppies, no problems at all and Kaisa was so calm and clever. The weight was between 320 to 400 gr. They all have white markings to our surprise. We expected more "red" puppies. More photos will come.

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NUCH Veagaardens Toller Kojac av Shama

NUCH Red Toller's Shadow

NUCH NV-00 Red-Toller's Boomer

Red-Tollers Patricia

NORD JV-06 Red-Toller`s
Fashion Madikken

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Red-Toller's Seebee

Tuldahls Tourmaline

Int. CH, Fin CH, NORD UCH Lauvstuas Bluestar Shanty

Littlerivers Bluenose Sailor

NUCH NVCH Lauvstuas Karmenzita

Happy Trail`s Frieda Jenten

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River Duck\s Unika Desti