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Disco Dancing Queen

Alliance de la vie Premier Collin



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March 2011:
Autumn 2010 we started to look for a new combination for Disco, we wanted a strong male, Disco herself are quite small, only 44 cm. We used Collin on Zilva in 2007, litter 16, and there we got a lot of nice offspring. We also met him in Denmark in 2009 and Collin is a male to remember. To our great pleasure we were allowed to use him once more, thanks a lot Chantal and Sandy.
There is more information on Discos page and under kennel Nirvellis in Holland about the dogs.
In the middle av March we took the "small" trip to Holland, we took some bloodtests and the last one on monday showed a value of 19. Arriving Holland tuesday afternoon showed the test was correct, it took about 2 minutes before we had the mating. We also got one mating the next day and after that we headed back north again. And now we could just wait and hope.
27th of April 2011
Now it's 5 weeks since we were in Holland and Disco is pregnant. We hav'nt taken any ultrasound, but there is no doubt about it. The puppies are expected around the 22nd of May.
17th of May 2011:
At last, the homepage and litter 25 has been updated with new photos as well. Disco is getting bigger and bigger, but if there are 5 or more will only time show. Everything is ok with Disco and now the pups probably will arrive this weekend. This photo was taken last sunday, then she had about one week left of her pregnancy.
23rd of May 2011:
Disco gave birth to 6 healthy and very nice puppies, 4 girls and 2 boys. Everything well with mother and children.

15th of May 2011

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NLCH, Belgium W-06, W-06, Bundesieger -07
Alliance de la Vie Premier Collin

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