Littter 23 - born 04.04.2010



Blueberry Sweet Zorika

Hillscourt Baron Theobald "Pan"



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March 2010:
In March 2009 we came to Cruft for the first time. At the show we saw a wonderful male and went to the owner to ask about him. To our big surprise his mothers was related to our lines, in fact his great grandmother was our Kazita. Pan became 2nd best male at Cruft that day and we could'nt forget him. Now and then there are dogs that you never forget and Pan was one of these.
After studying pedigrees and done a lot of thinking, we desided to try to use him on Zorika. We havn'nt written anything about this on the homepage, but England is not around the next corner and many things could go wrong.....
Driving on the higway in Germany in snowstorm was one of the problems, but fortunelately the weather improved and on saturday we reached Bath, without any problems.
The same day Pan and Zorika met for the first time, but after that we discussed wether we came home to easter or not.
We had taken two bloodtests and the perfect day should be monday or tuesday, and so it was. We got two perfect matings and on wednesday we headed towards Harwich and the ferry to Denmark.
It has been some exciting weeks, but today we took the ultrasound and Zorika is pregnant.
From our acknowledge to the dogs and lines, we expect active puppies who will need owners with time and intereset of working with them.
Pan has A hips and elbows, his eyecheck was without any remarks, he is PRA B and CEA A. He has top show results, is an active and strong male and has a very nice temper. He is trained as gundog, but has not been on official tests.
Inbreeding 0,8 on 6 generations, we expect the litter to be born the 4th of April.
Info of Zorika on her page.
Today we tok x-ray of Zorika and probably there are 6 pups, Mariann believe it's one more. Time will show.
On the evening the 3rd of April, on her 5th birthday, Zorika arrived Lauvstua. The temperature had changed and we expected birth within 1-2 days. On the evening the 4th of April the first puppy came, a beautiful girl with white markings, and after 3 hours six pups were born, 4 girls and 2 boys. All healthy and nice. Their weight was from 280 gr up to the biggest boy on 410 gr. Everything went well and both mother and children are doing great. Three of the girls has white markings, the boys and the biggest girl has a little white spot on their head.


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Hillscourt Baron Theobald

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