NUCH SU(u)CH DKCH NORD UCH NV-13 Lauvstuas Toya Thezor

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November 2014:
Toya becaame NW-13 at Lillestrøm last november, this spring she got her danish CaC and became danish and Nordic showchampion.
Now we plan to mate her and the stud we chosed is Kd`s Tombigbee river "BBuddy" sho came to Sweden last summer. More info on the litterpage

November 2013
Toya is now 3,5 years and a lot has happend. Summer 2012 she eat some bad meat and was quite sick after that. She did`nt have any energy and we had to slow down both on training and on tests. But in spring this year she was back to normal, crazy as uaual and we coult start training again. This summer we have had lots of fun with tests and training. Her best result was a 2nd price on the official huntingtest for the norwegian retrieverclub. It was pretty close to a 1st price as well, but that we will take next year......
In May she entered a show at Kongsvinger, there she became 4th best bitch, the next day it was a WT for all retrievers, she got 74 points and got the Ole Brum price, for best dual purpose toller.
She was also on the winningteam at the Teamcompetition for tollers this autumn. She also got the special price for best marking.
Lately we have don the dna tests for PRA, CEA and Jadd, she came out normal on all. She has earlier had her hips and elbows checked, she is free on that as well.
So next autumn we plan a litter on this wonderful girl.

November 2011:
Toya is now 19 months, have been to several shows and done very well. We train her in obedience and hunting, will enter both obedience and hunting tests next year.

October 2010:
Toya is now 6 months old, her days are filled with training on tracking, obdience and retrieving, but also a lot of other fun. She has been to her first puppyshow with result BOS puppy 4-6 months. But now she is waiting for Neas pups to grow up, that will be fun, Toya thinks....

July 2010
Our dogs are getting older and we have talked about keeping a puppy in the house. That should be a dark male with white marks, what we kept was a female with very little white marks. Plans can change and Toya is a very cute, active girl with a good body. Time will show what will come out of her.
Now she is 3,5 months old and thinks Mascot is the coolest uncle in the town. Old Zamantha want to keep the toys by herself, we try to explain to Toya that there is somthng about raising a puppy, she don't agree...
To be continued

Toya's Personalia

Born: 04.04.10



Hillscourt Baron Theobald

Blueberry Sweet Zorika

Breeder: Kennel Lauvstua

Owner: Kennel Lauvstua









H: 46

W: 18

BIS JR at Tollarspecialen 2011 and 4th best bitch
Norwegian, swedish and danish showchampion
Nordic showchampion
Norwegian Winner 2013
3 X Cacib


WT: 69 points
Off. Tolling WT Denmark, 3rd prize
Unoff. tolling test Norway, 2nd prize
WT: 74 points
Off. huntingtest NRK, 2nd price.
Winner of the Ole Brum price
Winner of special price for marking at the Teamcompetition for tollers
2nd prize Tolling WT Denmark
WT Tollarspecialen:
75 points


2012: 3rd prize