Litter 21 - born 16.02.2010



Foxy Pollyanna Ayr "Polly"

AM Can SU(u)CH Pikkinokkas Ziggy Stardust



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December 2009:
After some discussion concerning Ziggys sperm, we disided to use him for our bitch, Foxy Pollyanna Ayr. Zorika and Ziggys litter will become 1 year now in december, they are healty with good temper, they love to work and are good looking as well. Still we hav'nt done the x-ray and other things might go wrong, but so far, so good.
Information about Polly will be found on her page, photos of Ziggy on litter 18. More info on Tollchester kennel.
Ziggy are PRA B, Polly A, so it will be an A/B combination. Ziggy are CEA A, Polly not tested.
December 17th 2009:
After several bloodtests Polly was inseminated the 17. and 18th og desember. Hopefully there will be puppies born about the 17th of February. Cross your fingers....
February 10th 2010:
Because Polly early shown signs of beeing pregnant, we did'nt take any ultrasound, but today we took an x-ray. There we saw at least 7, possible 8. A certain veterinarian has done a good job with insemination and maybee this will be Lauvstuas Thomas litter, but I really hope there will be some girls as well...
February 16th 2010:
Today Polly gave birth to 8 puppies, 5 males and 3 females. They are all healthy and everything went well. After 4 hours and 45 minutes all 8 puppies were born. They have a lot of white markings, but only two of the males has a very tiny white spot in the neck who will disappear when they grow older. The rest is fine. All three females has white socks, also one of the males, the rest has only a little white on their feets. So far everything is well, both with mother and children. The weight was between 260 to 350 gr.


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Foxy Pollyanna Ayr

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