Litter 27 - expected 30. 11.2012





Sunlit Tifa Emmastars

Can Ch Brandywine Ruff N'Tumble WC JH


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September 2012:
After a lot of exploration, we decided that we should try to get over semen from a Canadian male to Tifa, time passed and maturity approached. Fortunately, we did it all with a weeklong margin, to add a little excitement . Matty was 3 years in February, he has offspring in Canada, but this is the first in Europe. Hopefully he gets one more litter here in Norway with Mascots daughter, Kaisa .
What is special about this male is that we saw several of his relatives work on the field trials in 2005 when we were in Nova Scotia. We also met other dogs who are behind on his pedigree. All talented and very lovely dogs. Matty is PRA A,CEA A, Hips and elbows OVC/normal, eyes: free. More info of Tifa on her page.
I'm very excited about this combination and thanks to Eva and Kevin that you would do the work so that we could use this great male.
October 2012:
After a successful insemination in late September, it was clear to ultrasound, and yes, there was life as it held, they were lined up and we saw 6 in one image, it is more possible. I am so impressed with the timing of the veterinary college and how well it worked out with these insemination. They really know how to do it.
So now it's just waiting for the puppies. Tifas litter will be born and grow up at Tina who is the co-owner of Tifa, so it will probably be some visits to Mesnali this winter. Tina had toller litter earlier, so everything is in the best hands. Birth is estimated to be about 30 november.
November 20th 2012:
Tifa is growing and today x-ray showed 11 heads, gosh, what did we bring over from Canada.....Semen or dynamite. Now we cross fingers and paws for a happy ending, both for Tifa and the small ones.

December 1st 2012: .
On Friday Tifa began to get restless and on Friday night it was a hassle, but nothing happened. A somewhat worried Tina contacted at 7 o'clock in the morning, but I thought Tifa just needed more time everything seemed so normal and nice. And it was true, at 1145 the first puppy was born, first it was a bitch, but later it was a male. LOL. After that they came lined up throughout the day, one of the females was very small, only 165 gr. and we were worried about whether she would survive. At 1820, the last out of 10 puppies was born. It seemed like she was finished, but since it was seen 11 on X-rays they ll went to the vet to check. There was another one, a female, they got her out, but sadly lifeless. But with 10 live puppies we must be very happy. Incredibly well done by Tifa and midwives ! The smallest puppy was 165 gr, a male of 250 gr, a bitch of 292 gr, then the rest were from 310 up to 380 gr.
8. December 2012:
Now the puppies are a week, everything goes just fine with all 10, the smallest bitch that was down to 150 gr. had on Thursday reached 305 gr. in other words, she has doubled the weight for 5 days. She has got a real belly and also the rest have gone up as they should.


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Lauvstuas Rinja Tif N`Tumble

Lauvstuas Raja tif N`Tumble

Lauvstuas Rex Tif N`Tumble

Lauvstuas Raico Tif N`Tumble

Lauvstuas Red Raider Tif N`Tumble

Lauvstuas Ricco Tif N`Tumble

Lauvstuas Rajo Tif N`Tumble "Jokke"

Lauvstuas Rio Tif N`Tumble "Swix"



Can Ch Brandywine Ruff N'Tumble WC JH

AKC CH Westerlea's Bold Venture RN CGN

Can Ch Jagador's CapnSlocum Sagewood

Can CH Westerlea's Oban Mist

Brandywine Fancyfree at Farley CGN WCX JH CD RN

Kylador's Zinfandel Full Monty

Brandywine Lady of the Woods

Sunlit Tifa Emmastars

SUCH DKCH SV-10 JEUW-08 JWW-08 Lauvstuas Exclusive Star Fox

BIS GR U/SKC/INT'L SKC/CKC U-CD Chesagrove's Star Gazer, CD, CGC

NORD UCH NSVCH SV-08 WW-08 VWW-10 Lauvstuas Zamanhta Fox

Sunlit Emma Miramacs

NV-01 Rødrävens Mac

Sunlit Daniela Buck Micha