Litter 24 - born 09.10.2010



Sunlit Negil Debsemil

Lauvstuas Exclusive Star Fox



Star and Nea

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August 2010:
When we bought Nea some years ago, we had Star in mind, but nothing is certain in this dogworld. We have been watching and discussing Nea and Star ever since, but now they are both grown up and we know what type of dogs they are. We took MH on both and they fit togehter also mentally.
Stars first litter with Emma also show a little what to expect, Emma is a sister of Neas father. The litter was 9 months the 2nd of August and so far they are healthy and really nice puppies. Photos and info under Stars Offspring.
Nea and Star was mated last week and fortunelately there will be puppies about the 10th of October.

Sept. 2010:
Ultrasound showed 5 puppies, so far so good....
9th of Oct. 2010:
After Nea had spent some time at Lauvstua, Helena arrived from Stockholm at friday morning. Some small signs told us the birth was getting closer, but still Nea was calm. Friday night the temperature had falled to 37,1, it was day 60 since first mating and usually our bitches give birth about 60-61 days since first mating. On saturday, at 13.05 the first pupyy was born, a big boy, 460 gr. Nea had a hard time, but managed by her own. The next one was also big, 470 gr, then it came 3 bitches and two more boys. The smallest bitch was 370 gr, then the rest was 450 gr. Everything went well, both Nea and the puppies are doing great. They are quite dark with white marks on their nose and some of them also has white bliss, white paws and white chest. 5 has white tailtip, but on two it will disappear.

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Lauvstuas Niccoleo Starlight "Leo"

Lauvstuas Nataio Starshine "Taio"

Lauvstuas Nino Stardreamer "Nino"

Lauvstuas Naico Starchasing Fox "Naico"


SU(u)CH DKCH SV-10 JWW-08 EUW-08 Lauvstuas Exclusive Star Fox

Chesagrove's Star Gazer, CD, CGC

CKC CH Littleriver's Yellow Rose CD

Danbury's Rose of Chesagrove, CD

NORD CH SV-08 WW-08 VWW-10 NSVCH Lauvstuas Zamantha Fox

SU(u)CH Fairchilds Qurage

NUCH NSVCH Lauvstuas Karmenzita

Sunlit Negil Debsemil

Sunlit Emil Miramacs

NV-01 Rødrävens Mac

Sunlit Daniela Buck Micha

Sunlit Debbie De Lux Olivinnes

Beinnbhreagh's Innes On Hedera

Sunlit Olivia Zamzam Jannes