Litter 18 - born 26.12.2008



Blueberry Sweet Zorika "Zorika"

Pikkinokkas Ziggy Stardust "Ziggy"



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July 2008:
Now it's time to announce the planned litter after Zorika, hopefully there will be puppies born before x-mas. We are not sure when she will be in heat, but probasbly it will be in sept/october.
We are so happy we were allowed to use the canadian stud dog, Pikkinokka's Ziggy Stardust, and we also think it might be an exciting combination.
We met Ziggy in Stockholm and he he turned out to be a very friendly and nice dog. Eivind wanted to take him back home, but the owner did'nt agree...
Ziggy's hips are OVC pass, elbows OVC normal, CERF normal, Thyroid normal, PRA pattern B.
Zorika has A hips and DNA A. More info of Ziggy on Tollchester kennel.

Now we just have to wait for Zorika to be in heat, more updates then.

24th of November 2008:
After several bloodtests and trips to Oslo Zorika was inseminated and today we got the result, she is pregnant. It's diffucult to say from ultrasound how many, but there are puppies. She has also changed and we can already see she is pregnant, so it looks like a normal litter. Now it will be exciting to see which day she deside to give birth, x-mas eve or ....

26th of December 2008:
Zorika waited so we could celebrate x-mas eve and today the pups arrived. We got 4 pups, 3 females and one male, they are all healthy and active, no problems so far. Also Zorika did fine and the pups was delivered within 2 hours. She really was a clever girl.
One bitch has some white on her head, else there is white chest, tailtips and some on their feets. Photos will come.
We are quite happy with the result, expecially that we got three females.

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Lauvstuas Zahra Stardust "Zahra"



AM CAN SU(u)CH Pikkinokkas Ziggy Stardust

CH Pikkinokka's Commander Rab

CH Beinnbhreaghs Jalna's Finish

BPIS CH Pikkinokka's Seaside Tempest

CH Tollgend Canada Cup

CH Kylador's Designated Driver CD SHDX

CH Kylador's Integrity of Number 9

Blueberry Sweet Zorika

Littlerivers Bluenose Sailor

Littlerivers Dexter

Jess of Littleriver

Bless Senorita Zenita

Lauvstuas Pele' Taikapoika

Red-Tolelrs Artic Lisa