Lauvstuas Karolius - "Karo"

Karo 6 år!


Hips: UA
Eyes: UA  2001



Lots of BOB from puppy classes

More info:

Height 48 cm

Lauvstuas Karolius was a very promising puppy who were sold to a family with other bitches. Unfortunately he was bitten by one of them and it turned out to be a permanent damage to his upper jaw, making him slightly lopsided in his face. We took him back to Lauvstua after 10 days, and he stayed with us for 3 years.

He was shown on several puppy shows with top critiques, but as he grew older, the damage became more protruding and we stopped showing him.

We also tried tracking with him, but never got around to start him. The summer of 1998 he moved to his new family where he fitted in perfectly from day one.

Karo was put to sleep at the age of almost 9 years due to rectitis.

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