Anya Acadia Ayr

Anya 2. BTK på  Tollarspecialen 1994

The foundation bitch to our breeding was NUCH Anya Acadia Ayr. She came to Lauvstua in May 1992 and was a true heartbreaker from day 1. She was a bit cautious in the beginning, and on her first puppy show we had problems passing other dogs. But when she met some of her littermates, life was good again! The show went well and she was number 2 out of 25 toller puppies. That was the very beginning on her excellent show career.
She was shown at the Toller Speciality show in 1993 for judge Alison Strang and was placed number 4 in the junior class, and the following year she was second best bitch for judge Inge E:soon Thor. At Hamar in November 1994 she achieved her last CC and became Norwegian Show Champion.

We have also trained tracking and fieldwork with Anya. When tracking, she always got the last word. She could keep her nose glued to the ground the first half of the track, then she could turn on her heel and walk home, leaving the judge looking like a question mark.

Regarding the retrieving, she thought it was really funny, but she did it only to please herself. We tried lots of things with Anya, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failed, but she tought us very much.

After a while, we had some litters out of Anya and she worked very well as the Alpha dog in our family. She loved puppies, and also helped raising her daughter Kazita's litters. And she nursed the puppies long after Kazita was tired of them. It's a great loss for us that Anya is gone, she died the summer of 2000. She was our first toller and a very special dog we'll never forget.

Anya's Personalia

Born: 27.03.92

Died: 29.07.00


NUCH Flyingtoller's Teddy

Red-Toller's Beechey

Breeder: Hilde Mathiesen

Owner: Kennel Lauvstua




Eyes: UA 17.01.2000



H: 47 cm

W: 18 kg

BIM Nordisk vinnerutstilling 1994, BIM Norsk vinner-utstilling 1996, 3 x BIR / BIM, 2 x Cacib. Tollarspecialen: 1993 4. beste juniortispe, 1994, 2. beste tispe.
3. premie viltspor.


Litter 1, Litter 2, Litter 3, Litter 4