Lauvstuas Malin Karisma

June 2001:
Malin is Mascot's sister, but the two of them couldn't have been more different. Where Mascot is calm, Malin is crazy. She's always been a very energetic dog, with lots of will to please. She's never been quite as confident as her brother, so we've used much time socializing her.
October 2001:
Malin is a small bitch, and she has needed some time to mature. She has many 1. prizes to her credit, but she hasn't had that little extra to take the big wins yet. But she's a beautiful bitch with good proportions, so when she gets a more body and coat…
She's always been an eager retriever - as a puppy she retrieved everything between keys, screwdrivers and glasses. That wasn't always amusing for us; her desire to retrieve glasses was rather costly… But as the charming rascal she is, she got away with all of it!
November 2002:
When Malin was almost two years, she moved to a new family. As we've mentioned, Malin is a very energetic dog that loves attention. With many dogs to train, we thought that Malin didn't get the time she needed. She lives not far from us, and she's very happy there. There she gets lots of attention, and she loves it! She's even got her "own" cat, and though she wasn't used to cats, she took to it very well.
Malin has passed all her health clearances, and we plan to breed her winter/ spring 2004. Since she turned out to be DNA tested to B, we're looking for an A-male with the right qualities.
Februar 2004:
Malin is now almost 3 years old and is still a healthy and active girl, but fortunately she has calmed down as time has gone by. She's still a very sociable and friendly towards other dogs and think playing and is more fun than argueing. She's been shown twice, something she thought was awfully boring, but at least she's got her 2 x 1st prize in open class.
Malin will be mated during her upcoming season and finally we've found a dog we think is suitable, but it hasn't been an easy job. Since Malin is DNA-tested to B it was important to find a male who was tested or at least most likely A. But at the same time there were other things to focus on as well and we have gone through a lot of searching for suitable candidates.
Just before Christmas, some dogs in Finland sere tested, and to our great pleasure, Sienna Red Sweet Fire ”Topi” were A. He also had the other qualities we were looking for, and suddenly we were sure.
So now we keep our fingers and toes crossed, and hope everything goes well in Finland and afterwards!!! Hopefully we will have toller puppies after Malin and Topi the end of april 2004.
June 2004:
Malin got 6 puppies the 27th of April and all went well. Malin just moved back to Lauvstua as she had lived here all her life. Polly also loved it, they are much the same type and are really best friends.
When these two biches started to play with the puppies, we had to save the small ones....
August 2004:
Late this summer we got information of allergi on two of Malins offspring. They started to use tickneckless and shortly after they started to scratch. The neckless was removed, but they both developed allergi. As we never had had it neither on bitches or males, we did'nt understand how this could happen. Later on we heard that this type of neckless should not be used neither on puppies or youth dogs, just because of the risk of all kind of allergi. This would have been nice to know earlier....
Because of this we wanted to wait before we had another litter on Malin.
August 2006:
Malin has now passed 5 years, still in good condition and in good health. After research we have found out that a relative of the litters father has some foodallergi, but also on this line nothing else was known.
The other 4 in the litter has no allergi and the feedback of the whole litter is so good, both on their love of working and temper, so we have desided to do one more litter on Malin. We have a male in mind, he just have to grow a little more. We plan to mate Malin in the autumn 2007.

Malins's Personalia

Born: 22.03.01



LP1, DKCH, VDH HyFlyer's Invincible Max

NUCH NSVCH Lauvstuas Karmenzita

Breeder: Kennel Lauvstua

Owner: Kennel Lauvstua
Co-owner: Fam Weatherstone, Høvåg




Eyes: UA



H: 45 cm

W: 15 kg

2 x best puppy, 1. AK


Litter 10