Photos - World Dog Show 2008 - 4 -

Judges: Jos De Cuyper, Belgium and Laurent Pichard, Switserland

World Winner show 2008
JWW-08 Lauvstuas Exclusive Star Fox - WW-08 NORD UCH NSVCH SV-08 Lauvstuas Zamantha Fox

Son and mother, Star and Zamantha

JWW-08 Lauvstuas Bella Vie Copper Countess, Zamanthas beautyful granddauther



JWW-08 Lauvstuas Exclusive Star Fox - JWW-08 Lauvstuas Bella vie Copper Countess


WW-08 and BOB SU(u)CH Mäkiharjuns Fan Fan Falcon "Rasmus", Finland

Happy owners and breeders of Zamantha and Rasmus
Judge Jos de Cuyper, Belgium

Cach FINUCH INTUCH SV-02 EUW-06 FINV-03-04-07 Siphra's Fire at Kitimat "Allan", 2nd best male

Fin V-07 Mäkiharjuns Spirit of Sky "Siiri" 2nd best bitch, a dauther of Mascot

Shanty became 2nd best dog in championclass, Mascot excellent, but not places