Photos - Tollerspecialen 2006 - 10

BIS NORD UCH SV-05 Ankinovas Thasha - Maria Hedstrøm
BIM NORD UCH SV-05 Mascot Keehnu - Eivind Holte
Judger Ann-Christine Johansson

BIS progeny group NUCH NSVCH Lauvstuas Karmenzita with her offspring
NORDUCH SV-06 Mascot Keehnu, NORDUCH Lauvstuas Bluestar Shanty,
NORDUCH NSVCH Lauvstuas Zamantha Fox, NUCH SU(u)CH Lauvstuas Miss Ki-Mi

2nd best breeders group: Lauvstuas kennel, Mascot, Shanty, Zamantha and Betty


Eivind and Mascot winner of the championclass

Marit and Shanty 2nd in the championclass

The best males, Mascot, Hingstbackes Red Cajo, Makiharjuns Fanfan Falcon,
Shanty, Sunlit Emil Miramacs, Shaggy Tollers Mille Max Maico, Teufelwalds Tarras

Anne-Lise and Lauvstuas Zamantha Foz

Liv Ambjørg and Lauvstuas Bluegus Stella

Unni Solberg with BIS JR Sunlit Emil Miramac

Breeding class - Star Wars kennel

Røda Hunds And Isak, 14 years, the father of Kazitas first litter who now is 8,5 years

Best malepuppy class 4-6 months with BIS Digbys Power King

BOS puppy 4-6 months Agildes Dreamcatcher - Maria Hedstrøm

BIS youth female class
V.I.B. Bright Bounty of Heliomar - Tone Noem

Blueberry Sweet Zorika

Lauvstuas Bluegus Sheila and Trine Marie

Hunter Moonlight's Caylee vom Lech Toller Nest and Huxley vom Lech Toller Nest,
offspring of Lauvstuas Pele' Taikapoika

Winner of the Huntinghorn - kennel vom Lech Toller Nest